Topics include Another Bankruptcy, Fraud Triangle, Pro-Life States, & Apostles
Topics include Parthenon Sculptures, Gender Ideology, Mother Lange, & Penance before the Eucharist
Topics include passing on passing the faith, fake ordination, & sola scriptura
Topics include Storms Rising, Putin's Popularity, St. Patrick & The Snake
Topics include Closed Embassy, Mercy, Retreats, Exorcism, & EWTN
Topics include New Icons, St. Longinus, Argentina, & Cosmetic Surgeries
Topics include Vatican rents, Sabbath rest, War lessons, & Small sins
Topics include Ireland, LEGO, Abortion Map, Papal Court, & Schism?
Topics include Chris Rock, Young People, the Divine Office, & Martyrs
Topics include Seal of Confession, Digitizing Manuscripts, 'Science,' & Father Urban
Topics include lots of stuff on St. Joseph, Power of the Pope, & the Vatican's new Shopping Mall
Topics include African children, Irish Christianity, Post-Truth, & the winning Fish Sandwich